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IMG_0601At S.S.Global Fragrances we have 500+ products across 19 different brands. Our products come at various different price points catering to different segments of the market. Ranging from mass to middle to mastige to prestige segments. Each product is a high quality item that combines the finest ingredients with innovative packaging. We are a trusted name among perfume manufacturers and this is evident in our ever growing list of clients. We offer a wide range of products to cater to the ever-growing needs and diversity of our target market.

We have a structured production line ready to meet the demands of both the local and international markets. Our fragrances are manufactured in facilities in India, U.A.E. and France. We maintain ready stocks for quick servicing of orders in our warehouses in Dubai, U.A.E., and in Budapest, Hungary.

We Provide Aromatic Fragrances & Perfumes For Everyone


As one of the leading perfume suppliers and fragrance manufacturers in the region, we make sure that our products are made easily available in our target markets. Our products are marketed through a wide network of authorised distributors that spans over multiple countries around the world. We are always looking to expand the distribution network for our own brands into countries where we do not have a presence yet.

With our resources and industry contacts, we can quickly and efficiently fulfill large product orders. As one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in the local market, we place great value in meeting customer expectations. The products we deliver go through stringent quality checks to ensure that every order meets global standards and industry specifications. Our designs and packaging ensure that the products are presented in unique and innovative designs aimed at high visibility and marketability.

Besides our own perfume brands we, as one of the leaders in perfumery in UAE, have created several lines of private label perfumes that capture the finest fragrances in the market today. From the sweet floral scents to add an air of mystery to the bold undertones of spice to add some heat, you can expect our perfumes to establish their own unique identity.

Develop a Lasting Partnership with One of the Biggest Local Manufacturers

When you trust us with developing products in your private label brand, we not only adhere to the project brief and guidelines but also add value with our experience and creative inputs. From concept to manufacturing. Our design facilities are equipped with 2D and 3D capabilities to ensure that you will have aesthetic and innovative packaging done for your products.

Let us know how we can help you to develop or upgrade the production of your private label products. We have done brand extensions into fragrances for various kinds of companies. From watch brands to jewellery brands, garments brands, and even fitness chains we have taken their brands and created a line of fragrances for these companies so as to consolidate their brand equity. We have done this while ensuring cost efficiency and quality are never sacrificed.

As one of the leading fragrance manufacturers in Dubai, we value the trust that is placed in us by our partners, distributors and customers and as one of the large scale perfume companies in UAE, it is our commitment to exceed expectations by delivering products of high quality. Both efficiently and on time.

what our partners say…

Each time we start a new private label project with SSG we bring to them a basic project guideline and then they build on that. Their contributions towards packaging ideas, graphics and print innovations are extraordinary. They take on a private label project as if it is their own label. They  inject a sense of passion and dedication into the project which gives us an sense of confidence right from the beginning that the finished output cannot go wrong.
Private Label, USA
We are constantly in touch with SS Global and all the developments that take place in the company. They send us pictures and samples of all new products which they develop. We have reached a level of confidence with SSG products wherein we are confident of ordering products even based on pictures and without physical samples. Despite the fact that we are so far distant from UAE and we very rarely visit Dubai we have not felt this to be a constraint in out doing business.
Authorised Distributor, Hungary
We met the team at a trade show and were impressed by their depth of technical knowledge as well as passion for the business they are in. we gave them a single project first in a very important brand owned by us. The result was fantastic! They enhanced the existing product quality without any increase in cost, gave us better product performance and ensured on time delivery. Their handling of the private label project was so professional that we have now added 2 other brands.
Private Label, Australia